Nursing Service

Nursing service can quickly become a necessity for people suffering from all types of conditions. At Helping Hands Nursing Service, we provide expert care for clients of all ages and for clients with all types of conditions. We refer a group of caregivers who are fully trained in providing individual medical care as it is needed. Here are some of the duties included in our nursing service:

  • Medication requirements – Many of our clients are required to take certain medications and our staff will see to it that those requirements are met. We will make sure that all the required doses are met at the appropriate times, and with meals as required.
  • Daily schedules – Certain medical conditions come with limitations and our caregivers will take all of that into consideration when devising daily schedules for their clients. We also consider any therapy requirements, physical limitations or doctor-prescribed activities.
  • Assistance – Caregivers can assist with treatments that are aimed to help people with all types of conditions. They can also transport clients to any appointments they may have over the course of a day. From therapy appointments, medical appointments, even grooming appointments. Having a specialist on hand can make all types of treatment a much easier process.

24-Hour Care

Medical problems could occur at any time of the day or night. That is why it is important to have a qualified caregiver there. In the event of an emergency, clients will have the immediate attention they need with the assistance of Helping Hands Nursing Service. Our caregivers can also stay overnight at a client’s residence to ensure there is an immediate response available should any issues arise.

We also offer 24-hour phone support. There are instances when a caregiver is unable to be available. Our caregivers can call our 24-hour answering service at any time and if there is a problem, we will coordinate the appropriate action to take. As a family member, you are not forced to find someone to stay with your loved one. We take that call 24 hours a day.