Home Care

Home care is just another convenient benefit provided by Helping Hands Nursing Service. Home care includes more household duties which are performed in our clients’ actual homes. From a little dusting and light organization around the house, to helping put together the perfect meal or snack, our experienced caregivers will be there to support you every step of the way.

People suffering from a medical condition, and those limited because of age cannot always perform everyday household duties. That is where specialized home care services can provide some much-needed assistance. Some of our home care duties include the following:

  • Light Housekeeping – Normal household activity can be responsible for the accumulation of dust while daily clutter can also bring about the need for some regular cleaning. The team at Helping Hands performs light housekeeping duties to make the lives of our clients a little easier and cleaner.
  • Meal Preparation – Cooking can be a difficult task. Home care assistance will take away the worry of having to prepare meals. Our caregivers can put together tasty and healthy breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks, allowing their clients to relax and enjoy themselves while we do the work.
  • Senior Sitting Service – The value of companionship cannot be overstated. Our senior sitting service will enable your loved ones to have someone with them when no one else is home. This can make days and nights much more enjoyable for our clients as they will always have someone to spend time with. Family members can also go to work or out to a social function without having to ever leave a loved one alone.

Helping Hands Home Nursing Service will come into your home and provide the kind of care that makes your life easier. Our team can perform an array of tasks and are very good when it comes to interacting with elderly clients. It is our job to bring a higher level of care into your home. We treat that task with the utmost respect and seriousness.

A Caring Alternative

Nursing homes are not always a top choice for elderly people or their families. Home care can be a much better alternative and eliminate the possibility of a nursing home. Routine home care can actually help keep families together. It also makes for less stress and worry as families feel secure knowing their loved ones always have someone looking after them. Care is key in everything we do at Helping Hands Nursing Service and we are proud to bring a special type of care into our clients’ homes.

Security When It Is Needed

Providing care inside the home is a way of making people feel safe and secure during what can be a very turbulent time in their lives. As people’s ability to care for themselves wanes, there is a sense of frustration that can set in. This is where it can be tremendously helpful to have a helping hand to attend to everyday duties. One of our team members can come directly to your home and provide the type of care that will enhance the overall quality of life for your loved one. Those duties also include the following:

  • Assistance with physical therapy
  • Homemaking duties
  • Personal care
  • Companionship
  • Patient education

How To Obtain Care Service

There are several ways to qualify for care inside of the home. The first step is to engage in a discussion with family members and a physician about the need for care inside the home. The next step is contacting Helping Hands Nursing Service and speaking to one of our team members. This discussion will encompass the type of care that is needed and detail the specifics of the situation. It should be noted that anyone is eligible for these services provided by Helping Hands Nursing Service. However, some insurance policies cover this type of care while others do not. It is a good idea to contact your insurer to see what is covered and what is not.

It can also be beneficial to contact your case manager in a hospital or a physician. Those individuals may contact us directly about the provision of the appropriate type of care. There are some guidelines that need to be followed before care can be provided inside the home. The individual receiving care must agree to have this service inside the home. An order from a physician is another way of facilitating this process.

Patient-Centered Individualized Service

The delivery of care inside the home is focused completely on patient needs. Whether that involves companionship, meal preparation or more, a professional at Helping Hands Nursing Services can get the job done right.  Each individual who enlists our services will receive compassionate care combined with a care plan that is designed specifically for them. Our care specialists also make it a point to stay in communication with family members as we get to know their concerns, expectations and needs for their loved one.


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